Membership Application Form

You don’t need to be a member of the Christchurch 360 Trail to enjoy it – but if you would like to support the Christchurch 360 Trail as a financial Member, please join us! Annual membership is only $10.

Previously, the Christchurch 360 Trail was a project under the auspices of Sustainable Otautahi Christchurch, but Christchurch 360 Trail has now being incorporated as a society in our own right. Membership in Christchurch 360 Trail Incorporated will give you voting privileges so you can contribute your voice to the direction of the society and the Christchurch 360 Trail.

Fill in the form below, then use your bank’s online personal payment system to make a $10 deposit to our account.

Please indicate how you might be interested in supporting the Trail:

Log into your personal internet banking page, and make a $10 payment to:

Christchurch 360 Trail Incorporated
Account 38-9019-0304101-00

Please add your name in the Reference field so we can pair your payment with your membership application.

If you choose, you can contribute more than $10 as a donation to the Christchurch 360 Trail.