Pegasus Trampers

Twenty three from Pegasus Trampers enjoyed parts of the Dune-Wetlands and Estuary-Marshes segments, from Travis Wetland to Scotts Reserve at Ferrymead on the last day of May.
Photos by Stuart Payne.

Members of the group traversing the pine plantation adjacent to Cuthberts Green.

Tower Tramping Club

The  Tower Tramping Club  is walking part of the 360 trail each week.  They started in July, still going strong.  They are providing feedback on conditions along the way.
Photo shows club members in the vicinity of the Waimakariri River

Estuary Edge

The CCC are planning to spend $400,000 on a public path east of the oxidation ponds. The 360 Trail group support the path, but are not convinced it should cost so much.
The first meeting with some council staff will be on 21/11/17. Hopefully some details will become available. read more…

Fantail/ Piwakawaka

Fantail/ Piwakawaka/ Rhipidura fuliginosa

This friendly native is recognised by its long tail, acrobatic flight and tinny cheep. Fantails feed on insects in bush and shrub and are found in many different habitats. If you walk through bush and there are fantails nearby, read more…

Nga Hau e Wha

Nga Hau e Wha National Marae

Immediately exiting Cuthberts Green the trail passes Nga Hau e Wha National Marae, established in 1981. The carvings above the main gate depict the history of New Zealand, showing eight warriors paddling read more…