Takahe – Kiwi – Mitchells – Bowenvale 13.3km
3.5hr bus to bus

Bus to Sign of Takahe.
Walk up Harry Ell Track to Sign of Kiwi;
upper part of track had some fire damage.
Sign of Kiwi shop open and busy, 360 poster in window.
Across Mitchells Track, in good condition, bit muddy but sneakers ok;
heard kereru, bell birds, smaller birds.
Down Bowenvale Valley Track to Centaurus Rd bus;
track builders at bottom making a separate walking track.
3.5 hrs leisurely 24/3/17

Top pic: Yellow rock daisy (Brachyglottis lagopus) Here (Port Hills) very soft large hairy leaves.

Harry Ell

Harry Ell Track burnt one side