The Walking Festival 2023

In April 2023. Christchurch 360 Trail again supported the City Council’s Walking Festival.  This year, again led by Dr Colin Meurk,  there were 9 walkers who braved the elements and completed the walk in 11 days.    

The Walking Festival 2021

23 Apr 2021 Colin talks to Jesse about the 8 day walk on RNZ

2019 Oct Colin leads fifth 8 day walk, counter clockwise, during the Breeze Walking Festival
2019 Sep Ken leads Sumner – Godley Head walk. Eleanor penguins, John? history – Walking Festival
2018 Sep Colin leads fourth 8 day walk, clockwise, during the Breeze Walking Festival
2018 Sep Fenn – Sanctuary Walk McLeans Island (Breeze)
2018 Aug Colin on the ‘Talk the Walk’ RNZ Afternoons with Jesse Muligan
2018 Aug First Annual General Meeting held on Thurs 9th at WEA
2017 Oct Colin leads third 8 day walk, ccw, during Breeze Walking Festival
2017 Oct Ken – Sign of Kiwi to Bridle Path walk.  (Breeze)
2017 Sep Fenn – Travis Wetlands walk and Rotary BBQ (Breeze)
2017 July Tower Tramping Club start first of 19 weekly sections. Walkers in 60s to mid 80s.
2016 Dec George and Tony run trail in less than 24 hours, fundraiser for mental health
2016 Oct Colin leads second 8 day walk, cw, during Breeze Walking Festival
2016 Apr Hayden and other Boy Scouts 4-day walk and bike Chief Scout Explorer Challenge
2016 Mar Mark poet walks trail in 12 days (including rest days), posts journal
2015 Oct Colin leads first 8 day walk, ccw, during Breeze Walking Festival
2015 Aug Running Dreams first to run complete trail over a week.