How do you calculate your estimated walk times?

Everyone is different, with varying levels of fitness and endurance. Some people like to run, and others like to wander. We can therefore say with almost certainty that you will find that you will not take exactly the amount of time we have estimated. These should be taken as a guide only.

We have a methodology we use to estimate the time the walks might take. First, we assume that people will walk at an average pace of 3km/h. Terrain can slow people down a lot, so we add 10 minutes for every 100m of elevation change – both uphill and downhill, because we find many people slow down when descending, rather than taking the chance to gallop. We assume you will want to stop for a rest and a snack every so often, so we allow for an additional 15 minutes after every two hours walking. We have estimated a number of points of interest people will stop at, and we have allowed an additional 5 minutes for each of these stops.

This probably isn’t a perfect methodology, and we will probably tweak it over time, based upon your feedback.