Isaac Tracks

The Isaac Farm track is now open for the public to enjoy. This track is an extension of the existing Isaac Loop track, and now continues past the Isaac Carr, to Coutts Island road and the Waimakariri Recreational Reserve. The land owned by the Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust provides a vital linking corridor between several existing recreational areas (The Groynes, Clearwater Resort, Roto Kohatu, and the Ecan Walkways within the Waimakariri Recreational Reserve.) Public foot access across the Isaac bridge spanning the Otukaikino is easily accessed by parking at either the Sawyers Arms Reserve or Clearwater Golf Resort and by following the walking path adjacent to the river. Source:  Facebook 7 April 2019: The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife... read more


ECan have fenced and formed an initial track along the true right bank of the Otukaikino stream from Whites Crossing to Dickeys Rd.  Walk 45 min  2.8km  one-way.  This extends the existing Otukaikino Track to the Groynes. Photos taken on 9/12/18,  above is the Whites Crossing entrance.... read more

The Breeze Walking Festival 2018

There were two Christchurch 360 Trail walks in The Breeze Walking Festival: The Waimakariri Sanctuary Walk The Christchurch 360 Trail in 8 Days guided by Colin... read more

CCC signs

The Christchurch City Council has added the 360 Trail logo to some new and replacement CCC park signs. The one in the photo is in Travis Wetland at the Inwoods Rd entrance.  The 360 logo is used as a trail marker, showing here that the Travis “Wetland Walk” is part of the 360 Trail, left arrow for anticlockwise, right arrow for clockwise... read more

Pegasus Trampers

Twenty three from Pegasus Trampers enjoyed parts of the Dune-Wetlands and Estuary-Marshes segments, from Travis Wetland to Scotts Reserve at Ferrymead on the last day of May. Photos by Stuart... read more

19 days: 2hr, lunch, return

The  Tower Tramping Club  divided the 360 trail into 19 sections, see Tower 19 sections pdf, and walk one section each Tuesday. They have broken the trail down into shorter sections for the older members of the club, and also find shorter sections better over winter. They usually walk 2hrs, lunch, then 2 hrs... read more

Port Hills by Bus: Britten

Kenton – Crater Rim –  Bridle Path  5.9km 2hr 45min bus to bus Bus to Madeley Rd + Major Hornbrook Rd Walk up John Britten Reserve on Kenton Track just west of the row of trees, to the Summit Rd. Up Broadleaf Lane, turn right 100m below the building onto the 360 Trail. On Mt Pleasant Shared Use Track to the 360 sign at Major Hornbrook saddle, then on the Crater Rim Walkway past the Gondola top station to the Pioneer Womens Memorial. Down Bridle Path North to Gondola base station – feet slide on the marbles, probably better in the other direction. Bus at the Gondola base. A leisurely 2hr 45min on 27/4/17 The Pioneer Womens Memorial at the top  of the Bridle Path has been restored. The security fence has gone. ... read more

Tower Tramping Club

The  Tower Tramping Club  is walking part of the 360 trail each week.  They started in July, still going strong.  They are providing feedback on conditions along the way. Photo shows club members in the vicinity of the Waimakariri... read more

Estuary Edge

The CCC are planning to spend $400,000 on a public path east of the oxidation ponds. The 360 Trail group support the path, but are not convinced it should cost so much. The first meeting with some council staff will be on 21/11/17. Hopefully some details will become available. Extract from response by CCC :- 15 August 2017 Ken Couling Christchurch 360 Trail Committee   … Dear Ken Thanks for making a submission to the Christchurch City Council’s Annual Plan 2017-18 on behalf of the Christchurch 360 Trail Committee, and attending one of our hearings. … It was pleasing that the Council was able to pass a resolution to bring forward $416,160 in capital expenditure from 2018/19 to 2017/18 to enable the section of the 360 trail around the Estuary Edge to be completed in 2017/18. Council staff look forward to working with the 360 Trail group on this project. … You can check out our Annual Plan at or at Council libraries and service centres. Yours sincerely Karleen Edwards CHIEF... read more

Port Hills by Bus: Kiwi

Takahe – Kiwi – Mitchells – Bowenvale 13.3km 3.5hr bus to bus Bus to Sign of Takahe. Walk up Harry Ell Track to Sign of Kiwi; upper part of track had some fire damage. Sign of Kiwi shop open and busy, 360 poster in window. Across Mitchells Track, in good condition, bit muddy but sneakers ok; heard kereru, bell birds, smaller birds. Down Bowenvale Valley Track to Centaurus Rd bus; track builders at bottom making a separate walking track. 3.5 hrs leisurely 24/3/17 Top pic: Yellow rock daisy (Brachyglottis lagopus) Here (Port Hills) very soft large hairy... read more