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Godley Cliffs
Estuary Marshes
Dunes Wetlands
Brooklands Mouth
Waimakariri Braids
Avonhead Gardens (see note below)
Opawaho Divide
Sugarloaf Hills

You can also click the “hamburger” button in the top left corner of the map to see the live map legend with leg selection tools.

Note that the Avonhead Gardens leg includes unmarked stretches between:

*  the leg sign at Mcleans Island and the entrance to Mcleans Grasslands Park on Mcleans Island Rd, and

* the entrance to Mcleans Grasslands Park on Conservators Rd and Avonhead Park.

We cannot mark the trail alongside these roads as there is no formed footpath, and this is considered a safety matter. The route that we currently intend to take when we can address this footpath issue is marked as a thin line.