Kennedys Bush Track reopened on Sunday 1 April 2018



Taylors Track

25/1/18  The track (green) between Taylors Mistake and Nicholson Park now goes along the coast rather than along Taylors Mistake Rd (red).  Keep away from the cliff edge.

Coastal Track open Jan 2018

Taylors Track – N coast open Jan 2018


The Sanctuary

15/10/17  There is a path (green) through the middle of the Sanctuary, rather than along the riverside road (red).


Sanctuary – middle path Oct 2017


McLeans Grasslands Park is open

CCC has reopened McLeans Grasslands Park. The trail will be shared between walkers and cyclists. The exact route across the park may change, and stiles may be moved, but the trail should be adequately marked across the park.