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Christchurch public buses can carry 2 bikes.
Some areas are more accessible than others, see the ‘360 and Bus’ map in the link above.
Chch public bus home page:

Port Hills by bus
There are many tracks up the Port Hills to the Summit Rd and Crater Rim Walkway.
The table linked here gives the walking distance from bus stop to bus stop for your choice of tracks.
Example: From the bus stop at Glovers Rd + Larsens Rd, walk up Kennedys Bush Track 6.9km, along the Crater Rim Walkway 2.4km, fly down on the CAP chairlift to the Hoon Hay Rd + Cashmere Rd bus stop 4km. A total of 13.3km walking.

– CCC Port Hills walking map
– CCC MTB Track Status 


Download the 360 Bus Port Hills Table as a .pdf file here:

360 Bus Port Hills Table