The CCC are planning to spend $400,000 on a public path east of the oxidation ponds. The 360 Trail group support the path, but are not convinced it should cost so much.
The first meeting with some council staff will be on 21/11/17. Hopefully some details will become available.

Extract from response by CCC :-

15 August 2017
Ken Couling
Christchurch 360 Trail Committee   …

Dear Ken

Thanks for making a submission to the Christchurch City Council’s Annual Plan 2017-18 on behalf of the Christchurch 360 Trail Committee, and attending one of our hearings.

It was pleasing that the Council was able to pass a resolution to bring forward $416,160 in capital expenditure from 2018/19 to 2017/18 to enable the section of the 360 trail around the Estuary Edge to be completed in 2017/18. Council staff look forward to working with the 360 Trail group on this project.

You can check out our Annual Plan at or at Council libraries and service centres.

Yours sincerely
Karleen Edwards